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Uniquely relevant ... strategically and operationally linked

There are more than a few 3-, 5-, or 10-step plans to achieving a successful corporate social responsbility programme.  Some advocate selling management on the concept or suggest taking on a limited number of causes, whilst others advocate addressing only significant issues guided by a dedicated CSR team.

Our approach links strategy and operations and, most importantly, is appropriate to an individual business. CSR Success also has a 5-step plan:

  • Commit - Management must make clear CSR is as critical a business process as cash and inventory control
  • Engage - CSR is a participation sport and engaging internal and external stakeholders ensure understanding and relevance, embed processes and create advocates for success
  • Identify & Measure - An effective CSR plan is not simply taken from another organisation's blue print. Rather, it is one built on identifying and quantifying the inputs, processes and outputs specific to your business.
  • Report - Little good comes from business measurements that are hidden from those who can most influence improvement.  Reporting outcomes against targets reinforces the business purpose of the CSR initiative and enhances stakeholders' ongoing engagement and ability to create change.
  • Repeat - Like any business process, Corporate Social Responsibility must be embedded in an organisation's DNA and daily operations and repeated. Improvements are measured over time - and there will always be room for better performance, better results and better profits.

CSR Success are a corporate social responsibility (CSR) consultancy that brings together sustainability, legal, human resource, health & safety and auditing disciplines to deliver the specific range of support our clients require to conceive, develop, implement and manage a uniquely relevant CSR/sustainability program that is strategically and operationally linked to an individual business.

Every organisation is unique; shaped by management objectives, competitive environment, available resources, innovation and regulatory impact. As these factors are rarely static, successful managers must constantly assess their business environment, internal & external stakeholders, resources, operational metrics and organizational efficiency, competitor behavior and industry innovation, and much, much more. Planning and execution are the bookends to this flood of information, in turn guiding strategies, goals and objectives, organizational structure, asset deployment and timing.

CSR Success engages with clients every step of the way to develop, deploy and refine a successful sustainability initiative. As a client's specific needs are identified, appropriate team members are tasked to ensure their particular disciplines are impartially evaluated and that strategies and solutions are embedded in the final plan. The team can provide any necessary assistance throughout implementation and are available to provide crucial pre-certification evaluations. Finally, for certification applicants having reached the audit phase, one of our team is a Green Globe™ Certified Auditor.


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Mission, vision & values


Corporate Sustainability

To provide insight, expertise and support to organizations and managers making the business case for sustainability and corporate social responsibility.


Enhancing People, Planet & Profit

Every business can deliver for its shareholders AND be responsible for improving the well-being of its internal and external stakeholders, and the environment and community in which it operates.


Commit to Improvement

Corporate sustainability is a process that requires top-to-bottom commitment to change. Across the indicators measuring the influence on People, Planet and Profit, the goal remains the same: Improvement.

The Team

  • Ted Van Hessen
    Ted Van Hessen envisions CSR Success as the comprehensive consultancy helping clients identify, prepare and implement the Corporate Social Responsibility plan...
  • Kate Taylor
    Known as the “management sleep therapist,” Kate Taylor has more than 20 years of leadership experience building global brands and...
  • Fran Devine
    Fran Devine is the founder of Devine Law, a well-established specialist firm providing business, commercial, property, insolvency and business recovery...
  • Paul Turner
    Paul Turner is a Risk Manager and Training Professional with extensive experience ranging from Health and Safety and Emergency Management...