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Human activity has no impact anyway, right?

It is sometime said that "human activity won't make a difference anyway." That issue is still very much at the core of the debate about global warming. On one hand, scientists have presented incontravertable evidence of the earth's warming and that it is doing so at an alarming and rapidly increasing rate. It is easy to become frustrated when some…
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Plastic Pollution in the Oceans

As England prepares to introduce a charge for plastic bags - long after many other countries - it's a good moment to catch up on the latest research into plastic in the oceans. Images of seals, turtles and seabirds trapped in plastic rings, ropes and sheeting always have the power to shock. And on a…
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Palm Oil – Yes or No?

Palm oil is in close to half of all packaged products that we buy in the supermarket. From shampoo to biscuits and ice cream, to sauces and spreads and it’s even in cosmetic products like lipstick; palm oil is everywhere. Famed as one of the super oil crops but also as a major cause of…
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