CSR Accreditation

Accreditation from a globally-recognised 3rd party sends a clear message to your customers and clients, your shareholders, both internal and external stakeholders and the community in which you operate that yours is a serious business  Serious about the people you serve and work with; serious about the places in and around you; and serious about the success of your organisation.

Simply put, an accredited business is serious about people, planet and profit.

CSR accreditation, like ISO and other quality assurance schemes, consists of a set of standards that reflect an organisation's operations, systems and practises, the mastery of which are evidenced by a range of indicators.

CSR accreditation is more than just a snapshot in time or a certificate on a wall.  CSR is about embedding systems and practises that deliver positive business, community and environmental outcomes in an organisation's DNA and maintaining a clear-eyed business focus on improvement. The accreditation scheme appropriate to your business must understand and reflect the specific tone and temperament of your sector, as well as universal principles of sustainability.

The typical accredidation process reflecting core principles of CSR and standard-setting practises, is deliberate, well planned, validated and cyclical:

  • Commitment
  • Engage internal and external stakeholders
  • Identify & Measure
  • Report
  • Repeat

General information about planning for for corporate social responsibility accreditation can be found here and here.

More detailed information about the Green Globe™ global accreditation for the hospitality and travel sector can be found here.