Risk Assessment

checklistPeople are an essential component of Corporate Social Responsibility; and planning for their health, safety and well-being is central to enterprise success and enterprise sustainability.

As with other aspects of CSR, the first step is making an unvarnished assessment of current conditions and identifying risks relevant to current operations.  and prtovide the foundation for developing a plan to effectively and efficiently manage risks

By way of example, below are three Health and Safety Executive produced examples of risk assessments which, in concert, could reasonably apply to a hospitality-focused business: an office-based business; a pub; and a food service operation.

Please remember that risk assessments are not merely "off-the-shelf" products; rather a meaningful risk assessment will vary by industry and the unique aspects of each enterprise being assessed. Take the time to find the experts who can help nuance and build a truly beneficial assessment.

Example Office Assessment Example Pub Assessment Example Food Service Assessment



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