UN Global Compact Guide to Corporate Sustainability

The UN Global Compact works with businesses in the realms of human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption: corporate sustainability.

"Corporate sustainability is imperative for business today –
essential to long-term corporate success and for ensuring that
markets deliver value across society. To be sustainable, companies must do five things: Foremost, they must operate responsibly in alignment with universal principles and take actions that support the society around them. Then, to push sustainability deep into the corporate DNA, companies must commit at the highest level, report annually on their efforts, and engage locally where they have a presence." (2015, UN Global Compact Guide to Corporate Sustainability, p. 7)

This guide lays out five defining features of corporate sustainability, which the Global Compact asks businesses to strive towards – looking at why each element is essential, how business can move forward and what the Global Compact is doing to help.

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